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Online universities are not accredited.

Just like other types of colleges and universities, the reputation of online educational programs may vary depending on the individual school and program. Though a few online colleges and universities may not be properly accredited, most of them are. Ideally, you should look for an institution that is approved by one of the six nationally recognized regional accrediting agencies. If you are in doubt about an institution’s credentials, you can always check with one of these agencies directly.

Myth #3: Online universities do not provide the opportunity for students to interact with faculty or the rest of the student population.

Contrary to what most people believe, online educational programs often require a greater degree of interaction between faculty and students than on-campus learning. Just think of an online university as a virtual community. While students and faculty may live in different time zones, most online educational programs provide tremendous resources for interaction and support.

Though they may not see each other face to face, students and faculty can interact through email, instant messaging, message boards and chat rooms. Some online classes even assign students required log-on times. Many online courses also require students to cpm math hw help work on group projects together. Professors can even be reached by telephone, and most online faculty members keep virtual office hours.

Myth #4: Employers do not take online degrees seriously.

With increasing numbers of online students entering the workforce each year, employers now have no choice but to essays for sale take online educational programs very seriously. Most companies these days have hired students with online degrees, who have been able to prove that they have the education and skills necessary to succeed.

"Our education is consistent whether taken in the classroom or online," Dennis Rodriguez tells America Online. Rodriguez is the assistant director of national marketing for Regis University's School for Professional Studies.

"Graduates fare just as well as those in classroom-based programs," he adds.

Myth #5: Online students can not get financial aid.

The cost of your online education depends on your individual degree program. However, financial assistance is available in the form of scholarships, loans pay someone to write an essay and grants. Accredited online educational programs can also offer federal financial aid, such as Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. Remember that with an online university, you also save the cost of room and board.

More Resources So, how do you decide if an online university is right for you?

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