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Watch YouTube and learn! Top 7 Channels with Useful Videos

In this article, we've gathered channels with tutorials that will help you practice your new knowledge right away.

Many people either start with such channels or reinforce their knowledge with them.

After Effects, Premiere, DaVinci - lessons on any of the programs for transcribing like Transcriberry transcribing tips on working with video to text conversion and cool effects - in our selection.

Naturally, we can't help but add our channel to this selection. And although tutorials are not the main part of the channel, but there are a lot of them.

Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci - you will find a lot of useful information and cool tricks on these three programs.

How to paint a video in 5 minutes,

How to make text animation, like in a Marvel movie,

How to do Slow Mo in post production.

All this and much more you will find on the channel Khokhlov Sabatovsky.


On this channel you will find a lot of tutorials on After Effects, and yes, they are in Russian.

In general, the videos are small and last 20 minutes, which will be useful for further conversion to text format when using is great for beginners. Also on the channel there are five separate lessons that explain the principle of the program and its features.

Roman Bolharov

Another very useful channel in Russian.

Options, tips, analysis of errors and tutorials. Most of the clips on Premiere Pro and After Effects, but on Davinci you can find useful information.

In addition to standard lessons in AE, at the channel Arthur has a whole set of tutorials on the effects.

Glitch vanishing, neon lines, jump jumping - these and many other interesting tricks you can learn on this channel.

English-language channels

Gareth David Studio

The coolest thing on the channel is the 48 consecutive lessons on After Effects. An entire mini-course that you can watch for free.

In addition to this selection, the channel also has other useful videos, but we recommend that you watch it first.

Skyline Motions.

This channel focuses on text and working with it, namely processing thanks to you can transform any of your videos into a test and If titles are an uncharted area for you, this is where you'll find a complete guide on how to work with them.

There are also other tutorials on AE and Davinci.

Benn TK.

This channel is not so much about learning as it is about inspiration. There are not many tutorials on it, but they are all very interesting and unusual.

To see how you can implement some of the techniques and learn how to do it is perfect. RELATED RESOURCES:

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