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The 4G frequency bands currently supported by this product are

as follows:

Band 3   FDD 1800 Mhz

Band 7   FDD 2600 Mhz

Band 8   FDD 900   Mhz

Band 38 TDD 2600 Mhz

Please choose a telecommunications operator that supports this band!

When the signal is not good, it will let
<Watch is easy to go offline>
Or <inaccurate positioning>
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4G waterproof smart watch for kid

Hereu U5 is a smart watch for kid who aged 6 to 12 years old.  It is also one of the most advanced wearable systems in the world. You can get kid's position and make video call with it. It is IP66-waterproof and keeps your kids safe.

Taiwan 3G network will stop servicing in 2018. 4G network smart watches let parents can take care of your kids without interruption.

Hereu U5 was designed to provide a family that needs to be in touch with their children. It also suitable for children who are not ready to use a smart phone.

There are security mechanism on hereu U5, which includes GPS smart positioning. Parents can know where their child is at any time. Your children also can make friends with interactive function on hereu U5. Hereu U5 also has a built-in step counter function.

By using the hereu U5 Smart Kids Watch, children can enjoy a positive childhood, and parents can confirm kid's condition more confidently.


Lightweight wearable device

that integrates the required functions

The hardware specifications of hereu U5 lead other children's smart watches. It can make independent calls and connect network with 4G SIM card. In addition, hereu U5 is equipped with a tempered glass touch screen, which with a resolution of 240×240, and a 2 million pixel video lens. Moreover, equipped with Android 6.0 operating system, hereu U5 has a simple and intuitive operation interface.


Built-in software in hereu U5 includes two-way video calling, instant positioning, voice calling, messaging, smart location, one-click SOS, and motion management. hereu U5 also provides active security concepts such as: care monitor, remotely shutdown, remote camera and other practical functions, which let hereu U5 be a good partner to accompany children happy growth.

Take a look at anytime

When you want to know where your baby is, just use the active security functions of Hereu U5, and you can know the baby's situation.


◎Remote camera function: After send instruction on Hereu app, the watch will take a photo and send it back to the app. So that the parents can know the actual location of the baby and match the address on the position map to know where your baby is more clearer.

◎Care monitor function: By using this function, app will let the watch to actively call back to the manager's mobile phone number, and parents can hear the ambient sounds around the baby.

Caring won't be interrupted by work

Hereu U5 offers many passive security functions, so parents can focus on work and won't interrupt caring their baby.


◎Safe area function: You can set a safe area on the map. When the baby leaves this area, the app will receive a reminder.

◎Positioning Interval: Set the interval for positioning, and the hereu U5 will automatically update the location at regular intervals.

◎SOS button: Under emergency, the kid can send notification to the parent immediately.

◎Fall off reminder: When the photosensitive element behind the watch senses that the watch has been removed, it will notify the parent's mobile phone through the app.

Voice message



Video call


Communicating with your baby

and Have more fun


Instant messaging

At any time, you can check the child's real-time location with the hereu APP. Hereu U5 can change the positioning mode (4G base station/ GPS/ WIFI ) in different environment for more accurate positioning.
Through the simple interface of the hereu APP, you can master the security and instant contact with your baby.


Exercise management

The built-in acceleration sensor can record the child's walking steps, distance and calorie consumption every day.


hereu app



Home page


At any time, you can check the child's real-time location with the hereu APP. Hereu U5 can change the positioning mode (4G base station/ GPS/ WIFI ) in different environment for more accurate positioning.

You can view and manage your child's current situation at any time, or you can set the class mode to avoid disturbing children studying.

More functions give parents peace of mind and make children happy and safe.

More intimate features

Specification Table

here U5 smart watch for kids

Exclusive physical button (Home / Power)


1.5 inch 240*240 IPS touch screen


2 million pixel front camera

IP66 waterproof 

but can not wear when swimming and bathing

690mAh battery (BSMI certified)

about 20 hours standby

​Clip-on charging

MT6737 quad-core processor


4G network B3/B7


802.11b/g/n+BT4.0 Wifi


nano  SIM

Connected to wifi, no turn on LINE, and the positioning upload interval is 30 or more.

Manual download

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